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June 20th, 2017

The board and investors behind the fast growing startup On Robot are recruiting a new CEO

Since a funding round in October 2016, when a list of significant investors added capital knowledge, and experience, the manufacturer of collaborative robot grippers, On Robot, has seen very strong growth during Torben Ekvall’s successful tenure as CEO. Over time, differing strategies on company goals and how to reach them have arisen, leading Ekvall to leave the company to pursue new ventures.

Investor and former CEO of Universal Robots, Enrico Krog Iversen, will serve as interim CEO until the company has found a successor.

We would like to thank Torben Ekvall for his contributions at On Robot.

Kind regards,

Lars Rønn
Partner, Vækstfonden Venture

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Enrico Krog Iversen 



Gear manufacturing company Osvald Jensen decreases cycle time by 12 seconds using dual gripper from On Robot

The Copenhagen-based company has increased its productivity on their CNC machines by retrofitting them with RG2 Dual Grippers from On Robot that significantly decrease cycle times and allows for production to continue after operators have left the workshop. Read more


Europaekspansion On Robot Pressemeddelelse

Industrien installerer flere og flere samarbejdende robot-arme. Det øger samtidig efterspørgslen på de fleksible, sikre og brugervenlige robot-gribere fra On Robot. Derfor forstærkes salgsorganisation nu med den erfarne salgschef Kenneth Bruun Henriksen. Med sin solide eksporterfaring skal han udbygge distributørnetværket i Europa yderligere. Produktionsfremgangen og medarbejdervæksten har desuden sprængt rammerne, og derfor er On Robot netop flyttet fra Odense Havn og ind i et større domicil i det sydvestlige Odense. Read more



RG2 grippers bring extensive new capabilities for flexibility, ease-of-use, and customization; Danish company appoints Gary Eliasson as general manager in North America to continue aggressive global sales growth

March 20, 2017, Charlotte, N.C. and Odense, Denmark — On Robot, the fast-growing Danish manufacturer of innovative grippers for collaborative robots, is bringing its technology to North America to provide manufacturers with more user-friendly, safe and flexible grippers for collaborative robots (cobots). Officially launching to the North American market at Automate 2017 in April, On Robot’s two-finger RG2 grippers—available in both single and dual versions— mount easily on the arms of cobots without any external wires; for robots that have infinite rotation of the last joint, this enables unprecedented flexibility and productivity. The RG2 grippers can be easily programmed directly from the same interface as the robot, and the gripper can be modified without previous programming experience, making them ideal for collaborative robot users. Read more