A Unified Robotic System? We Just Took Another Step Closer

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A Unified Robotic System? We Just Took Another Step Closer


We know manufacturers need more from robotic applications. You just want them to work, with fast, easy integration and programing and complete flexibility as you mix and match robot arms, tools, and processes. OnRobot just took a big step closer to providing that kind of simplified robotic system.


All of our products now have a unified mechanical and communications interface based on the OnRobot Quick Changer – which is now integrated in all OnRobot tools. This new one-system solution lets you quickly and easily change tools and programs to support different processes—even on different robot arms and with no cabling required. An additional Dual Quick Changer incorporates these same new capabilities while allowing the use of two tools in one cycle, mixing and matching to suit application needs and maximizing robot utilization.


Now you have access to a full range of tools, full robot compatibility, and virtually unlimited possibilities for collaborative applications—all with a single robotic system, single platform for programming and training, and single vendor relationship. Our new one-system solution speeds deployment and reduces downtime, so you save time and money while quickly realizing the benefits of automation with fast ROI.


Unified Platform Across Tooling and Robot Brands

With our Quick Changer, a single cable provides a universal interface for tools and communications, so you don’t need to disconnect cables when changing tools. We’ve also added extensive communications options to support your full range of robotic platforms.


For Universal Robots:

For Universal Robots robot arms, our new unified URCap allows all tools to work together, even in a single program. For example, using the new Dual Quick Changer, you can use an RG2 two-finger gripper together with a VG10 vacuum gripper in one cycle, achieving greater utilization of a single UR robot. Thanks to our unified programming solution, the setup time on UR robots is now faster than ever.


Fieldbus solution for other robot brands:

All of our products now have a unified communication platform using standard fieldbus protocols, making it easy to program the tools, no matter what robot you use. With the new fieldbus protocols, you can easily set software values and use more functions via a standard Ethernet cable. That lets you create more sophisticated applications, but still with a simple plug-and-produce approach that doesn’t require additional cables. Your deployment time can be cut from 3 hours to 30 minutes, so you can get your collaborative application up and running quickly.


WebLogic for Digital I/O for any type of robots:

For robots that connect through digital I/O, our new one-system solution includes a WebLogic interface. Using the IP address of the OnRobot Compute Box, you simply sign in via the OnRobot WebClient from a phone or any other network-connected device to monitor the robot or create simple robot programs. You can preset values and create elaborate programming logic using the feedback values from OnRobot grippers and sensors to provide finer control. This makes our tools compatible with an even broader range of robot arms to optimize your investments and keep your factory humming.


This exciting new system is available now for all OnRobot products. Contact your local automation distributor to get yours.




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