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Peter McCullough - Collaborative Applications | OnRobot
"To me, the biggest advantage in the use of collaborative applications is the ability to work...
What are collaborative robots?
Robots are no longer a new sight in manufacturing companies. However, the heyday of the traditional...
Collaborative robot applications: Practical use of end effectors
The industrial world is once again going through a revolution made possible by small, affordable...
7 reasons why you should invest in a collaborative robot
A contraction of the words “collaborative” and “robot”, a cobot is a robot specifically designed to...
Enric Vila - Technical Director, Vicosystems - Collaborative Robots
Enric Vila, Technical Director, Vicosystems - answering our questions on robotics
Cody James - Robotics Specialist, Olympus Controls - Collaborative Robots
Cody James, Robotics Specialist, Olympus Controls - answering our questions on robotics