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Casper Hansen
In this interview with OnRobot, CEO Casper Hansen from Technicon shares his views on the future of collaborative robot applications.
Get a Grip: Robotic Grippers Help Automate the Food Industry
By leveraging new robotic gripper technology, the food and beverage industry can keep up with a growing demand.
Tim Rowley Management Advisor, OnRobot
Tim Rowley, Strategy Professor and Management Advisor, explains why automation using collaborative robot applications is key for…
In this interview with OnRobot, Sales and Applications Engineer Wameq Kazemi from Freise Automation shares his views on the future for…
Collaborative Applications - Alan Livingston from iCobotics | OnRobot
“Collaborative applications have allowed robots, automation and operators to work together in a way that was previously not possible. For…
Collaborative Applications - Jan Willem from Olmia Robotics | OnRobot
"The market for collaborative robots has changed a lot in recent years. At first, it was only metal companies that would use cobots,…