Machine Tending

Machine tending can be a dull and dangerous job and requires a high level of consistency – even after many hours at work. By automating your machine tending job, you not only increase safety for your workers, you also increase productivity and allows for production to continue after operators have left the workshop. With our dual gripper solution, you can significantly decrease cycle times as it is able to handle 2 objects at the same time.

Recommended products for Machine Tending

OnRobot Dual RG2 gripper at Grenaa Spaantagning

The Dual RG2 is used at Grenaa’s high mix low volume production to make a better use of the work center, increase the productivity on the CNC and milling machines, and save time on each production cycle.

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Retrofitting CNC machines with RG2 Dual Gripper
  • Increased productivity
  • Significantly decreased cycle times with the dual gripper solution
  • Allows production to continue after hours
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