Packaging & Palletizing

Automating your packaging lines give way to a collaborative model that allows an automated robot solution to operate alongside employees. By using a collaborative packaging robot with the OnRobot end-of-arm tool attached, you reduced the part package time and relieve your workers for repetitive tasks. With the adjustable force in the OnRobot gripper, you get an extremely flexible and easy to integrate solution to your packaging problem.

OnRobot Dual RG2 gripper at Grenaa Spaantagning

The Dual RG2 is used at Grenaa’s high mix low volume production to make a better use of the work center, increase the productivity on the CNC and milling machines, and save time on each production cycle.

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Retrofitting CNC machines with RG2 Dual Gripper
  • Increased productivity
  • Significantly decreased cycle times with the dual gripper solution
  • Allows production to continue after hours
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RG2 and HEX Stacking / Destacking Application at Automatica 2018

Pick and place different sizes of chips with OnRobot RG2 combined with HEX force torque sensor

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Stacking / Destacking with OnRobot Force Torque Sensor

The following video demonstrates how to stack and destack objects in a precise way using the OnRobot Stacking/Destacking application. This solution also works with soft materials, even with forces under 10 Newtons

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OnRobot Palletizing Application

The following video demonstrates how to improve the palletizing processes using the OnRobot Palletizing Solution. With the help of the UR Palletizing command and the OnRobot Search function corrections can be made during palletizing.

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