Pick & Place Applications

Increased production output by speeding up your Pick & Place process is just one of the benefits of using OnRobot grippers in your production. By installing a collaborative robot with an OnRobot gripper, you also get the same precision hour after hour as it never tires. With the programmable force in the OnRobot gripper, it handles the most fragile parts with ease.

In the food and pharma industry, automating your Pick & Place process strongly decreases the risk of product contamination.

Recommended products for Pick & Place

Gecko Gripper Application at Automatica 2018

The Gecko Gripper uses the same adhesive system for gripping as the feet of a gecko, with millions of fine fibers that adhere to the surface of the workpiece and generate strong van der Waals forces.

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RG2-FT Intelligent Gripping Application at Automatica 2018

OnRobot RG2-FT is a new version of the RG series with integrated force-torque sensors and a proximity sensor at the fingertips, that accurately detects the condition of objects. This model of gripper is particularly suitable for use in precision assembly and is compatible with lightweight robots from Universal Robots and KUKA.

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RG6 Pick and Place Application at Automatica 2018
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Tactile Gripper Application at Automatica 2018

The new OnRobot ‘Polyskin Tactile Gripper’ features sensitive gripping. Its two fingers can be individually aligned and have integrated tactile sensors at its fingertips. The gripper precisely measures the condition of an object’s surface and aligns its gripping processes accordingly. These properties make it a fundamental enrichment, especially when working with sensitive or irregular objects. The Polyskin Tactile Gripper is also compatible with Universal Robots A/S and Kawasaki Robotics

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Stacking / Destacking with OnRobot Force Torque Sensor

The following video demonstrates how to stack and destack objects in a precise way using the OnRobot Stacking/Destacking application. This solution also works with soft materials, even with forces under 10 Newtons

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OnRobot Palletizing Application

The following video demonstrates how to improve the palletizing processes using the OnRobot Palletizing Solution. With the help of the UR Palletizing command and the OnRobot Search function corrections can be made during palletizing.

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