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casper hansen on collaborative robot market

In this interview with OnRobot, CEO Casper Hansen from Technicon shares his views on the future of collaborative robot applications.

In recent years, an increasing number of manufacturers all over the world implemented collaborative robot applications, automating monotonous work tasks and improving efficiency. For CEO Casper Hansen from Technicon, there is no doubt the global COVID-19 crisis will accelerate the implementation of collaborative robot applications even further.

“Depending on a global supply chain has been a challenge for many manufacturers during COVID-19, and with your own robots, you are much less dependent on getting components produced overseas. In the wake of COVID-19, I am sure we will see an increasing interest for collaborative robot applications in a lot of industries, especially in the SME segment. The benefits of manufacturing locally will be strengthened, and time saving, transport reduction, energy minimi-zation and agility will become king."

“Right now, there is a window of opportunity before we are hit by a possible second wave of COVID-19. Many companies will probably deploy robots in the near future to get ready, and I think it’s wise not to hesitate.”


Makes production more efficient
Preparing for a post COVID-19 world is not the only advantage for collaborative robot applications, though.

”With collaborative robot applications, it’s possible to produce small batches in a fast and flexible way, making the production much more efficient and the business more competitive. The robots are easy to deploy, and the risk is minimal because of the low cost. Also, robots make it easier to recruit new employees and increase employees’ motivation because they are easy to work with.”

“A good example is a pick and place solution we helped a plastics company deploy recently. The employees are extremely happy with the solution, and the production is much more efficient now than before. Since the deployment of the robot, they have invested in more robots, and I’m sure there are more to come.”


Start with an easy project

When investing in collaborative robot applications, the most important things according to Casper Hansen are choosing the right projects and finding the right partner.

“It’s always a good idea to start with an easy project with quick gains, for example a simple pick and place solution, so you get a good start. When you have chosen the right project, a good partner can help you deciding if you need a “do it yourself” integration where you deploy the application or if the partner has to take care of the deployment.”

Also, Casper Hansen advices to start with standard off the shelf applications that are quick and easy to deploy.


Robots are for everyone

Looking forward, the CEO from Technicon imagines a future where every company worker will have his or her own robot.

“In a few years, every company worker will have a robot as the collaborative robot solutions get cheaper and easier to deploy. Robot technology will get “democratized”, and a robot will hang on the tool board next to the wrench. And the future starts now: The COVID-19 crisis is a perfect time to get aboard if you don’t have robots already.”





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How to Grow your Business with Collaborative Applications
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