Here you can download useful files including manuals, drawings, software, and other tools for the OnRobot End-of-Arm Toolings. You will receive the download link for the selected files via email.


Is it possible to receive an 3D model of the RG2 gripper?

Yes, there are step files available of both the Gripper and the different brackets in the download section!

Where can I find documentation on the RG2 gripper?

The USB stick that comes with the RG2 contains:

  • The Graphical URCap
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Manual
  • Data Sheet

You can always obtain the newest version from the download section, click HERE[Link] (zip-file)

Can I attach additional tools to the RG2 Grippers slave connector?

Yes. You can attach and manage (digitally) additional tools, i.e.. pneumatic valves and other electric tools, to the slave connection of the gripper. You have a load of approx. 14W and 24 vdc available.

Where can I find the latest software release for the RG2 gripper?

You can always obtain the newest version from the download section.

What is the IP rating of the RG2?

The RG2 is Rated IP 54 (protected against dust, protected against water splashed from all directions).

The LED on my Gripper turns red and it appears, as if my Gripper is disconnected?

We have experienced a small number of cable issues, with the cables that are covered by orange end-caps. We have chosen to use another supplier of cables and haven’t experienced any problems since the change.